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Who We Are

Welcome to MFT Track App™, the brainchild of Amanda Mooij, Founder of Little Piggies Footcare, a seasoned nurse and Diabetes Educator with a passion for enhancing healthcare outcomes. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in diverse healthcare settings, Amanda recognized the need for a solution to reduce toe amputations, particularly among patients with diabetes. Her journey from footcare nurse to app innovator showcases her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals.

Diabetes Done Differently!

Key Features of MFT Track App™

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Early Detection and Follow-up

Our app facilitates timely detection of potential complications by enabling footcare professionals to initiate consistent follow-ups with patients. Seamless doctor collaboration ensures that critical information reaches healthcare providers promptly, contributing to more effective intervention and reduced amputation rates.

Streamlined Administrative Workflow

Say goodbye to paperwork! MFT Track App™ eliminates the administrative burden, allowing nurses to focus on what truly matters: patient care. The app’s intuitive interface lets you manage appointments, track patient progress, and share data effortlessly.

Patient Empowerment

Educating patients is empowering. MFT Track App™ equips patients with personalized educational resources, helping them take an active role in their foot health. Informed patients are more likely to adhere to recommended treatments, fostering better outcomes.

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