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A message from Amanda

Welcome to Little Piggies Footcare, where your foot health is our priority. Founded by Amanda, a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience including surgical, medicine, and cardiac nursing, and specialized training in Advanced Footcare and Certified in Diabetes Education, She has dedicated herself to foot health. Inspired by her three boys, she has combined her nursing expertise with her passion for health to create a place where your footcare needs are met naturally and comprehensively while caring for the person attached to the feet.

How We Help

At Little Piggies Footcare, we believe in taking care of the whole person behind the foot. Our goal is to maintain your quality of life and independence as long as possible through preventive and effective footcare solutions.

Comprehensive Footcare

We focus on preventing complications and educating you on maintaining healthy feet. Assist with common foot problems like corns, calluses, fungal infections, and ingrown toenails.

Footcare For those with Diabetes

Specialized footcare services for individuals with diabetes, emphasizing prevention of complications and promoting overall foot health.

Neuropathy Screening

Early detection of neuropathy is crucial for maintaining foot health. Our screenings help identify neuropathy early, allowing for timely intervention.

Compression Products

We provide and measure for compression products to aid in circulation and reduce swelling, toe separators and create custom silicone pieces.

Onyfix - Ingrown & Curved Toenails

Onyfix is a non-invasive treatment for correcting ingrown and curved toenails. We offer Onyfix services to better manage this condition effectively. Educational sessions are available to healthcare professionals

Mobile Residential Services

We provide and measure for compression products to aid in circulation and reduce swelling, ensuring a perfect fit for optimal benefits.

Retirement Communities

We bring specialized footcare services directly to retirement communities, offering regular foot health check-ups, treatments, and educational sessions to enhance residents' well-being and independence.

PodoExpert Products

Premium Products for Skin Repair. Allpresan Podoexpert Lipid Foam Creams by Allpremed are based on innovative BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology.

Educational Seminars

Educational talks and workshops for corporate teams, sports teams, employees, and community organizations can be provided. They provide valuable insights into foot health, preventive care, and effective management of common foot issues, promoting overall well-being and productivity.

MFT Track App™

Revolutionizing Footcare

Introducing MFT Track App™, the brainchild of Amanda, Founder of Little Piggies Footcare, a seasoned public health nurse with a passion for enhancing healthcare outcomes.

Drawing from over 20 years of experience in diverse healthcare settings, Amanda recognized the need for a solution to reduce toe amputations, particularly among patients with diabetes.

Her journey from footcare nurse to app innovator showcases her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals.

What our Clients are Saying

We are so grateful to positively impact the lifestyles of our clients

A big huge thank you to Amanda for seeing us today.

Carter is 19 and autistic. His toenail was ingrown. Amanda was so loving and kind and put him at ease. All from the comfort of our home.

Lianne V.

Amanda does my husband's Footcare and we couldn't be happier with her service. She does an amazing job while being cheerful and professional. When she leaves, his feet have been rejuvenated and he feels great. Fantastic job Amanda!

Karin S.

I would happily recommend Little Piggies Footcare. Amanda takes care of my Mother's feet.

She shows up on time and is very accommodating to the elderly.

Your kindness is appreciated.

Janet B.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of foot conditions do you treat at Little Piggies Footcare? 

At Little Piggies Footcare, we treat a wide range of foot conditions, including corns, calluses, fungal nail infections, ingrown toenails, dry cracked heels, and various skin issues. Our comprehensive footcare services are designed to address these problems effectively while preventing future complications. We also provide specialized care for individuals with diabetes, focusing on preventing severe foot complications and promoting overall foot health.

How can your footcare services benefit individuals with diabetes? 

Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing serious foot complications due to poor circulation and neuropathy. Our specialized footcare services for clients with diabetes include thorough foot assessments, regular monitoring, and tailored treatment plans. We focus on preventing complications such as ulcers and infections, promoting overall foot health. By providing education on proper footcare and self-monitoring techniques, we empower our clients with diabetes to maintain their foot health and prevent severe complications.

What is Onyfix, and how does it help with ingrown and curved toenails?

Onyfix is a non-invasive treatment designed to correct ingrown and curved toenails without the need for surgery. This innovative method involves the application of a special composite that gently guides the nail into its natural shape as it grows. At Little Piggies Footcare, we offer Onyfix services to provide a painless solution for managing problematic toenails. Our educational sessions help clients understand the treatment process and how to care for their nails to prevent future issues.

Why is early detection of neuropathy important, and how do you screen for it?

Early detection of neuropathy is crucial because it allows for timely intervention, which can prevent serious complications such as infections, ulcers, and even amputations. At Little Piggies Footcare, we conduct comprehensive neuropathy screenings to identify early signs of nerve damage. Our screenings involve assessing your feet for changes in sensation, temperature, and blood flow. By detecting neuropathy early, we can implement effective management strategies to maintain optimal foot health and prevent further deterioration.

What are the benefits of using compression products, and how do you ensure a proper fit?

Compression products, such as stockings and custom silicone pieces, aid in circulation and reduce swelling, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like diabetes or varicose veins. At Little Piggies Footcare, we provide and measure for high-quality compression products to improve its effectiveness. Properly fitted compression products help support vascular health, improve blood flow, and reduce the risk of complications. Our team ensures that each product is best suited to your specific needs for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Do you offer mobile footcare services, and how can I schedule an appointment?

Yes, we offer mobile footcare services to provide comprehensive care in the comfort of your home. This service is ideal for individuals who have difficulty traveling to our clinic or prefer the convenience of home visits. Our mobile services include foot assessments, treatments, and personalized care plans tailored to your specific needs. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us through our website, give us a call, or send an email. Our friendly team will arrange a convenient time to visit you and provide the same high-quality care you would receive at our clinic.

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